Armed with extensive industry experience, knowledge, and expertise, we provide and install leading passive fire protection solutions that have been designed to passively prevent fire from spreading throughout a building whilst protecting steel structures from the impact of heat.

We provide high quality, high performance passive fire protection solutions that meet your exact requirements.

Our company is certified and approved as passive fire protection installers by LPCB. Quality is assured throughout independent inspectors quality checks, as well as proper supervision of workforce, which is qualified and professional. Working for the biggest contractors in or around London makes us proud of what we do.

From fire stopping systems through to intumescent sprays and paints, our passive fire protection solutions are efficient, adaptable, and technically compatible.

Embracing the latest technologically advanced passive fire safety products, we utilise the finest materials to deliver high quality work, on time and inline with the brief.

Passive Fire Protection solutions are a key part of any structure – inadequate or incorrectly installed passive fire protection systems can lead to substantial damage to the structure. The compartmentation of a building or structure through the use of fire-resistance rated floors and walls, prevents or slows the spread of fire from room to room or building to building, limiting building damage and allowing occupants to reach a refuge area.


  • Penetration Sealing

    Ensuring to integrity of fire resistant compartments and preventing the passage of toxic gases, fire, and smoke to neighbouring areas for up to 240 minutes, our fire stopping, Intumescent Sealant is compatible with the majority of surfaces.

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  • Intumescent paint

    Our Intumescent paint and Intumescent sprays provide an extra layer of passive fire protection when applied to a range of structural elements. Intumescent paints and sprays also provide a decorative solution to the exposed structural steel, while providing 120 minutes of passive fire protection in case of fire.

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  • Fire barriers

    Offering outstanding thermal performance in a wide range of industrial spaces, our fire barriers have been designed to stop the spread of flames, preventing loss of life and structural damage.

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Our Key Values

  • Top notch work

    Our team is committed to delivering the highest standard of work on every project.

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  • Competitive pricing

    We keep our prices clear, transparent, and competitive in the marketplace.

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  • Timely delivery

    We understand the importance of deadlines and ensure that all of our projects are delivered within the agreed timescales.

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  • Optimum materials

    We utilise the highest quality materials that have been tried, tested, and approved for the relevant applications.

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